Mac Yak cMP Love Special

On Saturday, June 18th at 9PM EST, join us as we hang out while we clean, repaste and/or repair our Mac Pros. We can have 10 participants on our streaming software so you can join us! We can’t promise how many spots will be available but if you’d like to join us, here’s what you … Read more

June is Backup Awareness Month!

During the Mac Yak shows this month, we will cover some of the best backup utilities and strategies. Whether you use a Macintosh with System 7 or a 2019 Mac Pro with Big Sur, we’ll have you covered. This article will be updated with the latest info after each show. Kicking this off on June … Read more


TL;DR? The MacBook Pro’s keyboard and top case was replaced. A few weeks ago I posted APPLE SERVICE TODAY: MacBook Pro Keyboard Replacement Program which outlined the trouble I had with my 2016 MacBook Pro 15”. Towards the end of the article, I mentioned ‘I await their response’, from both the Authorised Service Centre and … Read more

Installing OpenCore and RadeonBoost on a Mac Pro

OpenCore has changed a LOT since this article was written. For the latest updates and files please check the following sources: – MacRumors thread – OpenCore on the Mac Pro Facebook group This article may be updated in the future but it is not planned. NOTE1: Some issues were observed with the 10.15.5 Catalina update … Read more