PPC Challenge Day 4

Back with us today is Greg Thompson with his update. Day 4 Starting to enjoy actually using this PPC every day. Checking email and Facebook is a daily routine using the built in email client and ten4fox. I ran geekbench just for the fun of it and got the score in the provided screen shot. … Read more

PPC Challenge Day 3

Garrett Green is joining us today with his account of the challenge so far. I went to sleep right after the broadcast and only used my G5 once the next day to check Twitter in the morning. I was not home the rest of the day, so I used my phone. As of today: My … Read more

PPC Challenge Day 2

We continue with Greg Thompson’s account of the challenge. Day 2 Got up this morning and got on the G5 again. Checked email using OSX’s email client. Sent my day 1 report to Jay via the same email client. Email and word processing is a simple task for this machine. I was also playing music … Read more

PPC Challenge Day 1

The PPC Challenge is officially underway and today we have Mac Yak’s Greg Thompson telling us a little about his experience so far. Day 1 Right after doing the Mac Yak stream I got onto my Power Mac G5 to work on. First thing I did was fire up Facebook in Safari and it worked … Read more

2019 PPC Challenge

The concept is simple, for one week switch to PPC and do all of your computing on it. Of course your job may require Intel etc so do as much as you can when you can. The challenge is to stick with PPC, don’t run right back to your Intel when a website doesn’t load … Read more