Mac Yak Episode #7

We were joined by Steven Matarazzo of the Mac84 YouTube channel and Collin Mistr (dosdude1). Topics we discussed were Apple’s claims that sales were hurt because people repaired their old phones rather than buy new ones, our recent test of Group FaceTime with up to 16 active connections and PPC Macs. This episode also saw … Read more

Mac Yak Episode #6

Mac Yak is taking a little holiday break and will not have a live stream on December 27th. We will be back on January 3rd however with Episode #6!

Mac Yak Episode #5

This Mac Yak will be a short one as we’ll try to limit it to one hour. Some of the hosts have packing and holiday prep to do. Our guest for the stream is Michael Manna AKA Stevie Richards! He has some opinions about Apple’s T2 chip and will chime in on our other topics … Read more

Mac Yak Episode #4

In this episode we’ll be talking about password management, the PPC challenge, the Spreely challenge, gaming on old Macs and the best way to clean and maintain your Mac. We also received a surprise visit of Chad and Collin Mistr (Dosdude1), the two names behind DosLab that created the MuxHat and DyingLight modules! Mac Yak … Read more

Mac Yak Episode #3

In episode #3 we discuss the use of Cache cleaners and other maintenance utilities. Are they useful or a waste of time? We’ll also talk about the amount of system resources Facebook can take up and have a little discussion about thermal paste. Which paste is good, how it should be applied and how much … Read more

Mac Yak Episode #2

Let’s find out what the first Mac was our hosts owned. You may be surprised how long ago or how recent some of our first Macs were purchased! We’ll also discuss Apple’s innovation, or lack thereof, will Tim Cook make his own mark or be forever in Steve’s shadow and ways to keep your Mac … Read more