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82July 30, 2020- Best uses for vintage Macs in 2020
- What happened to the old electronic retailers?
- Upgrading your vintage Mac, worth it?
- Everyone shows off their vintage collections
- Sean from Action RetroYouTube
81July 23, 2020- How did you like the freestyle Mac Yak episode from last week?
- Steve is on a mission for his Clone video
- Least favorite Mac you've owned
- Favorite Mac related project
- Outback Wayback Machine - Power Mac G5
80July 16, 2020- Freestyle Mac Yak where we just talk about whatever comes to mind.
- ARM processors
79July 9, 2020- Storage options for the new Mac Pro
- Best bang for your buck, upgrades on a budget
- Which Mac related tasks can you do when on auto pilot
- No more earpods with the next iPhone?
- Holy grail items we're still looking for
78July 2, 2020- ARM Mac mini benchmarks
- Apple offers new Radeon Pro W5500X GPU for Mac Pro
- Big Sur, impressions so far
- New i9 iMacs coming?
- Bruce played with Lisa OS
Dan BashurYouTube
77June 22, 2020- WWDC 2020 discussionNoneYouTube
76June 18, 2020- Apple introduces Mac Pro SSD upgrade kits
- Updates from an AMD insider
- What do we expect to see at WWDC 2020?
- Ultrasonic cleaners. The how, what and why
75June 11, 2020- Revisiting OpenCore
- We discuss the meaning of Vintage again
- iOS 13 issues
- Will Apple switch to ARM?
- Steve smokes RIFA cap smoke
74June 4, 2020- Mac Yak OpenCore article update
- Apple repair and exchange programs
- Do's and Dont's when cleaning your Mac
- Anker debuts an expensive cable
73May 28, 2020- Automator, who uses it and what for?
- Blame game, Apple's fault or User's fault?
- Email clients or webmail?
- Liability and responsibility when offering repair services
- Augmented Reality (AR) and Apple Glass
- Steve raids a recycler
72May 21, 2020- Dana Evans joins the Mac Yak Crew!
- An iPhone with no ports?
- Rocky faceplants, could NOT unlock Greg's phone
- Snow Leopard on PPC, how do we feel about it?
- USB 4.0 new standard confirmed, are we looking forward to it?
- IDE to SSD, options and performance
71May 14, 2010- Office for iPad gets split view
- Inventory, the how and why
- Should Apple leave China?
- EEP if you have....
- Major Thunderbolt security flaw
- Content creators that do no research
Dana EvansYouTube
70May 7, 2020- No more butterfly keyboard but the cameras in Apple products still suck
- Mac Yak giveaway quick update and Rocky sweetens the pot
- More rants about the T2 chip and Rocky states he can unlock an iCloud locked iPhone
- Apple's HomeKit, who uses it
- Transferring files between old and new Macs, some tips
- Group forum etiquette
- What were they smoking, a million dollar iPhone
69April 30, 2020- How do we remotely help friends and family
- MacBook Pro having issues with multiple USB-C connections
- Mac maintenance, tips for extending the life of your Mac
- Nightmare buyers and sellers
- Mac Yak giveaway!
- Things to check when buying a used Mac
Dana EvansYouTube
68April 23, 2020- now has a searchable index of all episodes
- Join the Mac Yak folding@home team
- Graphics cards for the Classic Mac Pro
- The Mac App Store and the sites it's replaced
- What device are you most productive on?
- Does Apple still have an edge?
- Youtubing with a Mac, some tips and tricks
67April 16, 2020- Folding@Home
- iOS 14 Home Screen Widgets
- AirTags
- Trackpad Support for iOS
66April 2, 2020- Social distancing things to do
- Stuffit EOL
- OpenCore
65March 26, 2020- Quarantine things to do
- Worst apple products you've owned
- What do you still need a PC for
- Working from home tips
64March 19, 2020- How to long term store hardware
- Non-Apple hardware to compliment your setup
- Quarantine things to do
Dana EvansYouTube
63March 12, 2020- Free and open source software alternatives
- The ONE macOS or iOS app you can not live without
- Corona virus scares
- Old Macs original or upgrade
62March 5, 2020- Macs with ARM chips coming?
- When is repairing worth it and when should you move on
- Uninstalling software
- Deleting data, refresher course
Dana EvansYouTube
61February 27, 2020- Hrutkay Mods Live Q&ANoneYouTube
60February 20, 2020- Apple and foxconn
- Are PPC Macs still useful today
- Apple's next iPhone or Watch
- Most reliable and stable Apple products ever
- Favorite Apple keyboards
59February 13, 2020?NoneYouTube
58February 6, 2020- Cool hardware and software hacks
- Was Steve Jobs overrated
- Creative things to do with dead Macs
- What are our youtube channels and blogs about
57January 30, 2020- Favorite Apple advertisements
- 2015 MacBook Pro debate
- Was 2019 Apple's best year product wise
- Love / Hate relationship with Apple
Scott Schroeder (Techno Eclipse)
56January 23, 2020- PPC Challenge ending
- PPC Challenge extended
- With Macs supporting more RAM, will code optimization suffer
- Today's Macs tomorrow's collectables
- Minimalist progress bars are not user friendly
55January 16, 2020- Protecting yourself from seller scams
- Why blur out serial numbers and IMEI numbers
- PPC challenge starts
- How can Apple become innovative again
- Recapping, the why and how
- OSX has been around for almost 20 years
Charlie Baldinger (Mastergeko4)YouTube
54January 9, 2020- Bruce joins the crew
- Times we failed doing upgrades
- About the 2019 Mac Pro
- Planning the 2020 PPC challenge
- Apple product boxes, do we care
- 2020 and the right to repair
- Apple better without Jony Ive
Justin MorganYouTube
53January 2, 2020- About the new 2019 Mac Pro
- Display port vs Thunderbolt
- The cheapest possible way to upgrade wifi and bluetooth in your Mac Pro
Bruce Rayne (Branchus Creations)YouTube
52December 19, 2019- Parts and where to get them
- About the 2019 Mac Pro
- Apple's biggest failures
- How to spot fakes on sales sites
- Grooty has gone iPod crazy
Bruce Rayne (Branchus Creations)YouTube
51December 12, 2019- About the 2019 Mac Pro
- How much is a vintage Mac worth?
- Capacitor plague info
- Essential tools for fixing and refurbishing vintage Macs
Bruce Rayne (Branchus Creations)YouTube
50December 5, 2019- YouTube is changing it's TOS
- Apple and Nvidia are over
- No more Pages, Keynote and Numbers updates for High Sierra
- Grooty found a clamshell iBook G3 prototype
- Steve spilled water over his 2015 MacBook Pro
- iPhone 11 checks location when it shouldn't
49November 21, 2019- One year anniversary episode
- Mac Yak in the last year
- Mac Yak has a Twitter account now
- Almost 400 subs
- Guest highlights
- Christian Bergman of MacintoshGarden

- Krazy Ken and Brent of Computer Clan

- Michael Manna of Stevie Richards Fitness
48November 14, 2019- Apple's new 16" MacBook Pro
- Apple's new Mac Pro is coming in December
- What was your most problematic Mac?
- What piece of software do you wish was still around?
47November 7, 2019Steve (Mac84) takes over!NoneYouTube
46October 24, 2019- Insurance, do you insure your gear
- Upgrading older Macs
- Apple lets signing certificates expire and installers break
45October 17, 2019Hrutkay Mods Live Q&ANoneYouTube
44October 10, 2019- Thermal paste debate
- Final thoughts on Catalina
- WiFi vs Ethernet
- Why apple restricts newer OS software from running on older hardware.
43October 3, 2019- Catalina drops tomorrow to the public
- 32 bit apps going away with Catalina.
- Power consumption tracking.
- Apple repair programs.
42September 26, 2019- Jay named his computers
- Did anyone test their UPS in the last week?
- What are our favorite HDD/SSD brands?
- Software piracy
- Finding the right upgrades for your Mac
- iOS 13 rolled out last week. First impressions from the Mac Yak crew.
- Rare Obscure Tech with Dan and Grooty
- Christian from Macintoshgarden
- Dan Bashur from Low End Mac
41September 19, 2019- Do you name your computers?
- Test your UPS battery backup
- What is the farthest you have traveled to pick up a Mac
- Mac Myth Busters debunking some common Mac myths
- Printer update from Rocky
40September 12, 2019- Apple Keynote review by the Mac Yak Crew
- Downgrading a T2 equipped Mac can brick it
- iPod Collecting