Win a free Mac board repair or Xserve G5 PSU repair – And the winner is..

The winner was Nick Bustamante and he sent in his Xserve G5 PSU to be fixed.
Happy to report the repair was a success and you can watch it here:

We’re feeling generous this holiday season so here’s our gift to a lucky individual:

I will repair a Mac logic board or Xserve G5 Power Supply, absolutely free.

All you pay is the cost of shipping it to me (Jay) and back once it’s done.
Greg H. will even help out with shipping costs, up to $25.

To get in on this, post your case on Discord in the #win-a-repair channel. Tell me which machine you want repaired, what happened to it to break it, if any repairs have been done to it already etc. Next week on Mac Yak #51 I will pick a winner. That’s it!

Of course this being the world we live in there must be a few disclaimers/terms/conditions/etc.:
1. I will invest up to 4 hours of my time for free (enough to fix any board).
2. Rocky has generously offered to pay for the cost of parts, up to $15 (doesn’t sound like much but $15 buys a lot of board level components).
3. I am not in any way, shape or form responsible for your data.
4. If any other parts of the Mac are broken besides the board, I will not fix those for free.
5. There will be no warranty, this is offered by me as an individual, not a business.
6. The to-be-repaired item must be shipped to me within 7 days after Mac Yak #51 airs.

Good luck!


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