2020 PPC Challenge – Day 2

Due to timezone differences etc. some reports will arrive late or early. These will all be added to the appropriate pages as they arrive.

Iulian P.
I tried using Discord on my Powermac G4 but it was painfully slow. Then I tried connecting to the Macintosh Garden Jabber server and failed miserably at it , either I did not know how to config iChat and Psi (another Jabber client ) or the server was down. I tried to follow this tutorial https://macintoshgarden.org/forum/official-im-gateway-classic-macs but the Jabber  server web page was unreachable. Ended chatting on irc using Xchat  Aqua and watching Youtube videos all day.

Jay V.
My PPC usage was limited to email and iTunes. I had a lot of work to do which unfortunately had to be done on my Mac Pro.

Bruce R.
Sunday here in Australia, and I spent hardly any time in front of the computer at all. I did a 2 hour live stream, but the PowerPC doesn’t quite have the minimum requirements for Open Broadcaster so I was forced onto my Mac Pro for that. I did spend a bit of time in the evening finding old versions of software I use to help improve my success in the challenge once the working week was underway.

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