Mac Yak cMP Love Special

On Saturday, June 18th at 9PM EST, join us as we hang out while we clean, repaste and/or repair our Mac Pros.
We can have 10 participants on our streaming software so you can join us! We can’t promise how many spots will be available but if you’d like to join us, here’s what you need:

  • A headset (no open mic that can cause echo and feedback)
  • A Mac Pro to work on

If you have a cMP (Mac Pro 1,1-5,1) and want to join us, send a message to: and mention in the email:

  • Which Mac you’ll be working on
  • What you plan to do
  • (if you have a trashcan Mac Pro (6,1) or 2019 Mac Pro (7,1) we *might* let you in too)

Clean, repaste, repair, upgrade, install OpenCore… sky is the limit. This is all about showing your cMP some love!

To ensure you’re ready to take this on, we recommend you have available the following tools and parts:

A few links are provided to help. The above list of tools/parts should let you do pretty much any cleaning/maintenance task you’re setting out to do.
the stream can be watched here:

2 thoughts on “Mac Yak cMP Love Special”

  1. I’ve already got my cMPs to where I need them to be. Happy to show them off though.

    My 5,1 has been upgraded to a 12-core 3.33GHz with an SSD boot drive and two PCI-mounted m.2 drives. It runs High Sierra for video & audio production, web design, and graphic design.

    My 3,1 is there for additional legacy software like old Final Cut Pro projects. It was relegated to a Plex server some time ago but has been deprecated by a Mac Mini for that.


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