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150December 23, 2021- How much do we rely on our tech and services?
- Why we still use older OS for our retro computers
- Best finds and purchases this year
- Best software discovery this year
- Our biggest fails this year
- Krazy Ken from the Computer Clan
- Sean from Action retro
149December 16, 2021- Selling and buying second hand computer hardware
- A discussion on clickbait
- How do we feel about content creators monetizing?
- Sean from Action Retro
- Dan the Canadian Computer Collector
148December 9, 2021- What do we (us and audience) do to get away from technology?
- How do we feel about buying refurbished?
- Privacy. Do we care, who do we trust, what do we do to maintain our privacy, if anything?
147December 2, 2021- Mike started a new channel: Mikeʼs Ancient Arcade
- One month from now itʼs time for the PPC Challenge once again!
- What are some of the default macOS settings we change immediately after every install?
- Welcome to the Apple Time Machine!
- Awareness note: Check the grounding in your office/home.
- Two years since 32-bit apps were axed, have we all moved on?
146November 26, 2021- Apple customer service, Jayʼs latest experience with them.
- Cleaning our Apple products
- Whatʼs our favorite IO to date?
145November 18, 2021- User z970 on macrumors and Macintosh Garden, has made a Leopard/ Snow Leopard hybrid called “Sorbet leopard”.
- Dosdude1 aka Collin Mistr put out a new discord client for Power PC Macs
- And more!
- Ron from Ronʼs Computer Videos
144November 11, 2021- Jay test-drove Big Sur for almost 2 weeks
- What happened to Jay's laptop while he was away?
- What's the furthest you've ever travelled to pick up a computer bargain?
- Global chip shortage: is it real, or just some sort o media nonsense?
143November 4, 2021- How fancy is Joeʼs new MacBook Pro?
- Benchmarks for the new MBPs are rolling in. Is it what we expected?
- Assuming you could afford an M1 machine, what model would you get?
- How do you enjoy music in your home?
- Have you joined Tinker Different Yet?
- Joe from Joeʼs Computer Museum
142October 28, 2021- Christian of Macintosh Garden
141October 21, 2021- The new Apple hardware
- Newer, better, faster. With each release of the latest hardware, how do we feel about our beloved aging iron?
- How many of us suffer from impulse buying the latest tech (grooty)?
- Top 3 MUST HAVE conversion technology pieces of hardware.
- Tinker Different. What is it, why is it, where is it?
- Kate the Macintosh Librarian
140October 14, 2021- VCF East chat with Sean, Mike and Steve.
- Apple Event Magic 8-Ball Silliness
- Seanʼs YouTube Magic Tips and your YT questions answered!
- Sean from Action Retro
139October 7, 2021- Bruce Hits 20,000 Subscribers
- Hacking or Modding Classic Macʼs
- Adding RGB lighting to Macʼs.
- To Retrobrite or Not To Retrobrite, that is the question
- iMac G3 Inner Bezel Repairs
- Dave from Dave's Vintage Apple Tech
138September 30, 2021- Bruce found his flux remover!!
- The cMP just keeps on going!
- Do any of us (or audience) use our Macs or iDevices for something super specialized?
- Starting your own YouTube channel, part 9, How to YouTube with multiple people
137September 23, 2021- Steve is an old man (verified)
- Bruce read hundreds of pages about the Epic VS Apple ruling and will give us all the gorey deets!
- Apple leakers leak an apple anti leak memo
- What is the Scariest or Ugliest Mac You Have Ever seen or Owned?
- How many of us have upgraded to iOS 15 and why or why not?
- Where the hell did Bruce put his flux cleaner?
- Starting your own YouTube channel, part 8, Helpful tools, like vidIQ
136September 16, 2021- Epic Games temporarily wins against Apple in its lawsuit.
- Steve went to VCF Midwest and bought too many things!
- Developers dropping support for current architectures before theyʼre even discontinued.
- Apple had an event
- Starting your own YouTube channel, part 7, Protecting your content in case YouTube shuts you down
135September 9, 2021- Ultrasonic cleaners and/or cleaning in general
- Appleʼs walled garden
- Upcoming Apple event
134August 26, 2021- What if you could create a new application today, for use on vintage Macs. What would it be?
- What non-Apple branded electronics or devices to you enjoy tinkering with?
- Tech Talk: General concepts of data compression
- Apple and colors
- Starting your own YouTube channel, part 6, Dealing with trolls, critics and know- it-alls.
- Dan the Canadian Computer Collector
133August 19, 2021- Steve visited Kenʼs Lair
- Bruce and Kai have been up to stuff
- Kai Robinson
132August 12, 2021- New channel on discord: Soldering and Repair
- Battery calibrations, how, why, etc.
- How many of us play video files on our Mac? What are the favorite video players?
- Tech Talk #4 - The Unarchiver
- Mac Yak DISAGREES!, MacBook Air
- Starting your own YouTube channel, part 5, How much money does a youtuber make?
131August 5, 2021- Why is it ok for apple to stop supporting older hardware
- Tech Talk #3 - Grand Perspective
- Mac Yak DISAGREES!, Puck Mouse
- Starting your own YouTube channel, part 4, Building watch hours
130July 29, 2021- What Macs should you not bother repairing?
- Interfaces
- Jayʼs tech tip: Time Machine Editor.
- Software update procedures.
- Mac Yak DISAGREES!, OS X Leopard
- Starting your own YouTube channel, part 3, Getting Monetized
129July 22, 2021- Discussing Macintosh Garden
- Vintage Mac emulators
- Working with BlueSCSI disk images
- Starting your own YouTube channel, Part 2 (cont), What equipment to buy
- Christian of Macintosh Garden
128July 15, 2021- Buying a second-hand Mac in 2021?
- What's a good vintage Mac to buy for someone starting out?
- The many ways of creating a bootable installer for Mac OS X
- AirTags, were they worth the wait? Are you happy with yours?
- Starting your own YouTube channel, Part 2, What equipment to buy
127July 8, 2021- Starting your own YouTube channel, part 1, Goals
126July 1, 2021- Is it OK to downgrade your OS?
- The iPhone came out 14 years ago (2007)
- How deep into the Apple ecosystem are we?
125June 24, 2021- Mac Yak Q&A!None
124June 17, 2021- What made you switch to Mac as a former Windows user?
- Talking about Kaiʼs latest feats.
- What are some advantages to using these vintage machines today?
- If money was no object - what adapter, cable, tool, or device would you most want to own?
- Kai Robinson
123June 10, 2021- Talkinʼ bout that WWDC and information about new products/services that has come out in the days since.
- Big Sur 11.3 and Monterey 12.0. Why you should not install them on a cMP.
- Apple's Profit & Loss reporting
- "Sherlocking": What is it, and what's the best Sherlocking example you can think of?
122June 3, 2021- WWDC predictions/hopes/dreams?
- Apple just released a version of the Apple TV app for Android
- What are some considerations when preparing computers for long term storage?
- When collecting old Macs, some things just seem to multiply in the cupboard, but others seem to go missing.
121May 27, 2021- The Epic Games vs Apple trial is complete, now we wait for a verdict.
- Apple just fixed a security flaw that allowed malware to take screenshots on Macs.
- Itʼs getting hotter outside for some of us, some tips to keep your Mac running cool.
- Apple says no more bootable backups for you!
- Storytime with Madeleine
- Madeleine McAndrews
120May 20, 2021- When moving into a new house/apt, what are some things we do to prep for all of our tech?
- After the iOS 14.5 update, only 4% of iPhone users in the US are allowing Facebook to track their ads.
- Besides the obvious shady options; what do you do when you find an iPhone/ iPad/Mac?
- About the opening of the National Computing Heritage Centre in Sydney - Australia's first computer museum.
119May 6, 2021- What is RISC?
- Australia might be banning AirTags.
- The Epic Games vs Apple trial
- Madeleine McAndrews
118April 29, 2021- What Apple product would you NOT take, even if it was free
- VCF East story time
- iOS 14.5 has just been released
- Sniping on eBay. Is it acceptable, or is it unsportsmanlike?
- BlueSCSI
- Madeleine McAndrews
117April 22, 2021- Summary of the Apple event- Madeleine McAndrews
116April 15, 2021- The upcoming Apple event
- Crazy tech Reviews too crazy for youtube
- Siri went rogue
- new article up on
- Logan from Crazy Tech Reviews
115April 8, 2021- Water, electronics and corrosion - Oh My!
- Repair services, who can you trust these days?
- What other hobbies do we have?
- M1 Macs can be upgraded, if you're insane
114April 1, 2021- Apple pushed out some important updates
- R.I.P. TenFourFox and Classilla
- Sean has been up to no good
- Sean from Action Retro and Madeleine McAndrews
113March 25, 2021- Mac OS X was released 20 years ago
- Dumpster Macs
- Discosoft?
- Spring Cleaning!
- #MARCHintosh
112March 18, 2021- No Longer a Mac: Justin Long Ditches Apple for Windows PCs in New Intel Ads
- What are the strangest items in our collections?
- Google spies on you - learn to protect yourself.
- NVIDIA purposely cripples their GPUʼs to stick it to bitcoin miners
- First observations about the M1 SSD hammering polls are in
111March 11, 2021- System sleep, energy saver settings etc. Do we use them? Do they actually help energy consumption?
- Where do you get your knowledge from? You need info you donʼt have so where do you turn. Google, facebook, forums, people you know?
- How far do we go to fix misbehaving hardware?
110March 4, 2021- Madeline talks about why Steve Jobs yelled at her.
- The new M1 macs are affecting resale values of older macs.
- The prices of GPU’s are skyrocketing. We discuss why and what to do about it.
- The lightening connector may be phased out soon.
- Why you should check your purchases as soon as the arrive. eBay specifically but from anywhere really.
- Where do you get your knowledge from? You need info you don’t have so where do you turn. Google, facebook, forums, people you know?
- #MARCHintosh has officially begun and there’s already some good content out there.
- Madeleine McAndrewsYouTube
109February 25, 2021- M1 Mac users reporting excessive SSD wear
- Are candy colored iMacs coming back?
- Why do we still use Apple hardware and software?
- Malware on the Mac, a quick reminder
- Subscription model software, is Final Cut Pro going that route?
- #MARCHintosh is about to start!
108February 18, 2021- Will anyone buy new Intel Macs now that ARM is taking over?
- Are we finally getting AirTags?
- We talk about the Pismo
- Malware on the M1 Macs
- We discuss #MARCHintosh
- Revisiting common Mac myths
- Joe Strosnider from Joeʼs Computer MuseumYouTube
107February 11, 2021- Apple got flak for being cheap asses, now offer $500 to get their Dev Mac Minis back (We pressured them, Mac Yak rules!)
- What’s your home network setup? What do you do for backups?
-​ is back and now under the Macintosh Garden management.
- Steve’s been busy making recap guides (LC III PSU & PowerBook 160 LCD):
- Discord rules. Why we have rules for discord and why we enforce them.
- This fancy background here, we want more. We’ll set up a webpage with guidelines that people can use to make backgrounds for the show.
106February 4, 2021- The first 1GHz iMac was born this day in 2003! (17”).
- Grooty finally shipped the iPod to Trina!
- Packing and shipping Macs.
- Apple Silicon Dev kits are due back and Apple will kindly give you $200 for something you paid $500 for
- The latest Apple TV model is from 2017, what would you like to see in a new Apple TV?
- What do we use our old Macs for? Not just for the occasional challenge but day to day.
- Announcing #MARCHintosh
105January 28, 2021- Apple hits new quarterly record profit in Q4 2020.
- What little things about Mac OS (or any of your major software) bug you?
- Apple is rolling out new privacy features. What is good or bad about this.
- January 27th, 2010 the first iPad was released. We talk about iPad for a bit.
- The 128K was born on January 24th, 1984.
104January 21, 2021- Is Apple planning on ditching the Touch Bar?
- New 14" ARM Mac?
- Is a Mac Pro mini coming?
- Is MagSafe making a comeback?
- The difference between collecting and hoarding
- PPC & 68K Challenge participant photos
- Madeleine tells us about her challenge experience
- Talking about Greg Grant's Definitive Mac Pro Upgrade Guide
- Madeleine McAndrewsYouTube
103January 14, 2021- Covering the 68K & PPC Challenge so far
- Talking a bit about 3D printing
- Covering some software to use on our beloved Macs
102January 7, 2021- Apple in 2020
- Apple in 2021
- Kicking off the 68K & PPC Challenge
- Sean from Action RetroYouTube
101December 17, 2020- A trip down OS memory lane
- Picking an OS and hardware for the PPC challenge
- Must have software for your PPC's
100December 10, 2020- 100th episode celebration!
- Clips from previous guests throughout the show
- Wait or buy latest tech now?
- Benefits of a laptop alongside a desktop
- Used hard drives and the weird stuff we find on them
- $550 Apple AirPods Max, really?
- Announcing the 2021 PPC Challenge
99December 3, 2020- Best educational Mac games
- Why do we enjoy these older Macs even though they cannot do the things we need to do today? What is your favorite era of Mac to use?

- Any news or updates about the M1 chip? Upcoming M1X?
- Our favorite mice and why
- Apple Adds First iMac Models With Retina 5K Display to Vintage Products List
- A year since 32-bit apps were axed, how have we coped?
- Kate the Macintosh LibrarianYouTube
98November 19, 2020- Target Disk Mode is officially dead
- Big Sur requires 35GB of storage to install and some are complaining
- Our favorite repair tools (hardware)

- Updates on Apple’s M1 chip performance
- The new M1 Macs feature 802.11ax Wi-Fi 6. What is it? How much better is it?
97November 12, 2020- Putting boards in dishwashers, yes or no?
- Recap of the Apple Event introducing the first ARM M1 Macs
- macOS Big Sur is here!
- Macs in the workplace and school revisited, our histories
- Madeleine shows off some of her collection
- Madeleine McAndrewsYouTube
96November 5, 2020- The Mac Yak Channel is monetized!
- iPhone photography and videography tips
- Your worst ever repair
- Apple event predictions
95October 29, 2020- Favorite and least favorite Mac startup chime
- Experiences with Linux on Mac
- Emulation and virtualization on Mac
- Dumpster diving stories
- iPhone 12 and it's unrepairable camera
94October 22, 2020- We hit a 1000 subs!
- Mac Yak 1000 sub giveaway
- Evolution of our GPU use, always use stock or upgrade as far as we could?
- Discussing retriobrite
- Warranties and insurance plans for our devices, yes or no?
- The most unusual standalone adapter or longest string of adapters we've used
- Steve's Archive Adventures covers the Sertech Serial Interface Card for Apple II
93October 15, 2020NoneYouTube
92October 8, 2020NoneYouTube
91October 1, 2020- Discussing the ModBook
- iOS 14 and watchOS 7, thoughts so far
- Some of the wildest and most interesting mods we've done so far
90September 24, 2020Q&A EpisodeNoneYouTube
89September 17, 2020- Mike's Mac Shack has 300 subs!
- Some ranting about why everything asks for a rating these days
- NVIDIA owns ARM now
- Discussing Apple's latest event
- Why you should NOT upgrade to the newest OS right away
- Steve's Archive Adventures covers the work in progress Apple Pricing Guide
88September 10, 2020NoneYouTube
87September 3, 2020- Time to update that SSD soon? Prices are dipping.
- Apple VS Fortnite, Apple wins
- Remembering Apple's Ping social network
- Does anyone still use optical media for day to day stuff?
- Thoughts on blue light filters for our screens
- 7th gen iPod nano Vintage soon, the last of the multimedia only devices
- The ONE Mac you can keep
- Which spare parts do you keep on hand?
- Clockology, having some fun with the Apple watch
- Is Apple still the number one choice for the design industry?
- Steve's Archive Adventures covers the Power Computing Promotional CD-ROM
86August 27, 2020- Installing mac OS versions on your Mac that are OLDER than what they shipped with
- Archiving disks, documents, photos etc. and best practices.
85August 20, 2020- AppleCare+ signup is one year again instead of 60 days
- Discussing the upcoming September 10th Apple Event
- Epic Games VS Apple Inc, Fortnite sparring match
- Sharing some of the useful utilities we use on our Macs
- Backing up your digital life
84August 13, 2020- On organizing our digital files
- The most difficult repair or refurbish we've ever done
- Why do we love saving and repairing old Macs so much?
- iFixit's teardown of the new iMac
83August 6, 2020- We are forced to cover battery backups again
- Social media alternatives
- Our favorite youtube channels
- Bruce and Steve were featured on a Krazy Ken episode
- COVID-19 exposure tracking and how likely we are to use it
- The Outback Wayback Machine talks about the latest vintage Mac haul
82July 30, 2020- Best uses for vintage Macs in 2020
- What happened to the old electronic retailers?
- Upgrading your vintage Mac, worth it?
- Everyone shows off their vintage collections
- Sean from Action RetroYouTube
81July 23, 2020- How did you like the freestyle Mac Yak episode from last week?
- Steve is on a mission for his Clone video
- Least favorite Mac you've owned
- Favorite Mac related project
- Outback Wayback Machine - Power Mac G5
80July 16, 2020- Freestyle Mac Yak where we just talk about whatever comes to mind.
- ARM processors
79July 9, 2020- Storage options for the new Mac Pro
- Best bang for your buck, upgrades on a budget
- Which Mac related tasks can you do when on auto pilot
- No more earpods with the next iPhone?
- Holy grail items we're still looking for
78July 2, 2020- ARM Mac mini benchmarks
- Apple offers new Radeon Pro W5500X GPU for Mac Pro
- Big Sur, impressions so far
- New i9 iMacs coming?
- Bruce played with Lisa OS
Dan BashurYouTube
77June 22, 2020- WWDC 2020 discussionNoneYouTube
76June 18, 2020- Apple introduces Mac Pro SSD upgrade kits
- Updates from an AMD insider
- What do we expect to see at WWDC 2020?
- Ultrasonic cleaners. The how, what and why
75June 11, 2020- Revisiting OpenCore
- We discuss the meaning of Vintage again
- iOS 13 issues
- Will Apple switch to ARM?
- Steve smokes RIFA cap smoke
74June 4, 2020- Mac Yak OpenCore article update
- Apple repair and exchange programs
- Do's and Dont's when cleaning your Mac
- Anker debuts an expensive cable
73May 28, 2020- Automator, who uses it and what for?
- Blame game, Apple's fault or User's fault?
- Email clients or webmail?
- Liability and responsibility when offering repair services
- Augmented Reality (AR) and Apple Glass
- Steve raids a recycler
72May 21, 2020- Dana Evans joins the Mac Yak Crew!
- An iPhone with no ports?
- Rocky faceplants, could NOT unlock Greg's phone
- Snow Leopard on PPC, how do we feel about it?
- USB 4.0 new standard confirmed, are we looking forward to it?
- IDE to SSD, options and performance
71May 14, 2010- Office for iPad gets split view
- Inventory, the how and why
- Should Apple leave China?
- EEP if you have....
- Major Thunderbolt security flaw
- Content creators that do no research
Dana EvansYouTube
70May 7, 2020- No more butterfly keyboard but the cameras in Apple products still suck
- Mac Yak giveaway quick update and Rocky sweetens the pot
- More rants about the T2 chip and Rocky states he can unlock an iCloud locked iPhone
- Apple's HomeKit, who uses it
- Transferring files between old and new Macs, some tips
- Group forum etiquette
- What were they smoking, a million dollar iPhone
69April 30, 2020- How do we remotely help friends and family
- MacBook Pro having issues with multiple USB-C connections
- Mac maintenance, tips for extending the life of your Mac
- Nightmare buyers and sellers
- Mac Yak giveaway!
- Things to check when buying a used Mac
Dana EvansYouTube
68April 23, 2020- now has a searchable index of all episodes
- Join the Mac Yak folding@home team
- Graphics cards for the Classic Mac Pro
- The Mac App Store and the sites it's replaced
- What device are you most productive on?
- Does Apple still have an edge?
- Youtubing with a Mac, some tips and tricks
67April 16, 2020- Folding@Home
- iOS 14 Home Screen Widgets
- AirTags
- Trackpad Support for iOS
66April 2, 2020- Social distancing things to do
- Stuffit EOL
- OpenCore
65March 26, 2020- Quarantine things to do
- Worst apple products you've owned
- What do you still need a PC for
- Working from home tips
64March 19, 2020- How to long term store hardware
- Non-Apple hardware to compliment your setup
- Quarantine things to do
Dana EvansYouTube
63March 12, 2020- Free and open source software alternatives
- The ONE macOS or iOS app you can not live without
- Corona virus scares
- Old Macs original or upgrade
62March 5, 2020- Macs with ARM chips coming?
- When is repairing worth it and when should you move on
- Uninstalling software
- Deleting data, refresher course
Dana EvansYouTube
61February 27, 2020- Hrutkay Mods Live Q&ANoneYouTube
60February 20, 2020- Apple and foxconn
- Are PPC Macs still useful today
- Apple's next iPhone or Watch
- Most reliable and stable Apple products ever
- Favorite Apple keyboards
59February 13, 2020?NoneYouTube
58February 6, 2020- Cool hardware and software hacks
- Was Steve Jobs overrated
- Creative things to do with dead Macs
- What are our youtube channels and blogs about
57January 30, 2020- Favorite Apple advertisements
- 2015 MacBook Pro debate
- Was 2019 Apple's best year product wise
- Love / Hate relationship with Apple
Scott Schroeder (Techno Eclipse)
56January 23, 2020- PPC Challenge ending
- PPC Challenge extended
- With Macs supporting more RAM, will code optimization suffer
- Today's Macs tomorrow's collectables
- Minimalist progress bars are not user friendly
55January 16, 2020- Protecting yourself from seller scams
- Why blur out serial numbers and IMEI numbers
- PPC challenge starts
- How can Apple become innovative again
- Recapping, the why and how
- OSX has been around for almost 20 years
Charlie Baldinger (Mastergeko4)YouTube
54January 9, 2020- Bruce joins the crew
- Times we failed doing upgrades
- About the 2019 Mac Pro
- Planning the 2020 PPC challenge
- Apple product boxes, do we care
- 2020 and the right to repair
- Apple better without Jony Ive
Justin MorganYouTube
53January 2, 2020- About the new 2019 Mac Pro
- Display port vs Thunderbolt
- The cheapest possible way to upgrade wifi and bluetooth in your Mac Pro
Bruce Rayne (Branchus Creations)YouTube
52December 19, 2019- Parts and where to get them
- About the 2019 Mac Pro
- Apple's biggest failures
- How to spot fakes on sales sites
- Grooty has gone iPod crazy
Bruce Rayne (Branchus Creations)YouTube
51December 12, 2019- About the 2019 Mac Pro
- How much is a vintage Mac worth?
- Capacitor plague info
- Essential tools for fixing and refurbishing vintage Macs
Bruce Rayne (Branchus Creations)YouTube
50December 5, 2019- YouTube is changing it's TOS
- Apple and Nvidia are over
- No more Pages, Keynote and Numbers updates for High Sierra
- Grooty found a clamshell iBook G3 prototype
- Steve spilled water over his 2015 MacBook Pro
- iPhone 11 checks location when it shouldn't
49November 21, 2019- One year anniversary episode
- Mac Yak in the last year
- Mac Yak has a Twitter account now
- Almost 400 subs
- Guest highlights
- Christian Bergman of MacintoshGarden

- Krazy Ken and Brent of Computer Clan

- Michael Manna of Stevie Richards Fitness
48November 14, 2019- Apple's new 16" MacBook Pro
- Apple's new Mac Pro is coming in December
- What was your most problematic Mac?
- What piece of software do you wish was still around?
47November 7, 2019Steve (Mac84) takes over!NoneYouTube
46October 24, 2019- Insurance, do you insure your gear
- Upgrading older Macs
- Apple lets signing certificates expire and installers break
45October 17, 2019Hrutkay Mods Live Q&ANoneYouTube
44October 10, 2019- Thermal paste debate
- Final thoughts on Catalina
- WiFi vs Ethernet
- Why apple restricts newer OS software from running on older hardware.
43October 3, 2019- Catalina drops tomorrow to the public
- 32 bit apps going away with Catalina.
- Power consumption tracking.
- Apple repair programs.
42September 26, 2019- Jay named his computers
- Did anyone test their UPS in the last week?
- What are our favorite HDD/SSD brands?
- Software piracy
- Finding the right upgrades for your Mac
- iOS 13 rolled out last week. First impressions from the Mac Yak crew.
- Rare Obscure Tech with Dan and Grooty
- Christian from Macintoshgarden
- Dan Bashur from Low End Mac
41September 19, 2019- Do you name your computers?
- Test your UPS battery backup
- What is the farthest you have traveled to pick up a Mac
- Mac Myth Busters debunking some common Mac myths
- Printer update from Rocky
40September 12, 2019- Apple Keynote review by the Mac Yak Crew
- Downgrading a T2 equipped Mac can brick it
- iPod Collecting