Mac Yak Episode #12

In this episode we were joined by Christian Bergman, the man behind Just awake from his nap (6 hours ahead of us in Sweden) he tells us how macintoshgarden started and what it takes to run the site today. We also touch on several topics, including:
Topic 1: Announcing our newest Mac Yak member: Steven Matarazzo!
Topic 2: what is it, who’s behind it, what’s in the works?
Topic 3: Do we Mac Yakkers use Macs professionally? Or only at home? Topic 4:
Macs in movies and TV shows and how often they mess up the showing of tech.
Topic 5: Apple accessories you wish they would bring back or make new versions of.
Topic 6: iOS 12 Jailbreak was released… Is it still relevant today or is jailbreaking dead?
Topic 7: Troubleshooting pitfalls. What do the experts still mess up?
Topic 8: The “alt” version of iTunes that could still manage iOS apps does not work with Mojave.
Topic 9: A 16” MacBook Pro?

Right after the stream ended, the macintoshgarden Patreon page was approved and went live. If you want to support future development and upkeep of the site, please consider a donation!

We got the major technical issues from Episode 11 resolved and this stream went a lot smoother. We’re still trying some tweaks in the broadcasting software to crank up the FPS but it’s heading in the right direction!
To watch episode 12, click here or have a look below.

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