2020 PPC Challenge – Day 4

Due to timezone differences etc. some reports will arrive late or early. These will all be added to the appropriate pages as they arrive.

Iulian P.
Started the work week strong using my 800 mh Titan Powerbook G4  at work , mostly for music and some Quake 2 when there were no patients waiting (I work as a dentist ) . It was a pretty uneventful day at work so I had time for music and games  between my patients . I used  iTunes for music . Luckily my work normally doesn’t involve computers (I don’t work with state health insurance) I can get away with using my trusty Titan Powerbook with an broken screen hinge just for entertainment purposes .
Back home fired up my trusty Powermac G4 MDD firewire 800 1,42 gh and played some XIII  a great cell-shaded  first person shooter , some Diablo 2  and watched some videos with TonVid and PPC Media Center.

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